Neotech Care Hand Palm Brace - Protective Equipment

Neotech Care Hand Palm Brace



Package contains 1 PAIR wrist brace. Need only 1 Unit? No problem, make sure to navigate to the Neotech Care Hand Palm Brace with Silicone Gel Pad Insert product page that mentions 1 Unit in the title. SILICON PAD insert that stabilizes, applies pressure and absorbs shocks on the outside part of the wrist and palm (see product pictures). Highly BREATHABLE and COMFORTABLE to wear. Relieves pain, and reduces risk of repetitive injury and helps to REDUCE SWELLING. SPECIAL KNITTING RADIAL COMPRESSION TECHNOLOGY with proprietary blend of SPANDEX, nylon and polyester highly BREATHABLE fabric This model works well for either the RIGHT or LEFT palm. – ECO-FRIENDLY Reduced Packaging !


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