Demon United Flexmeter Wrist Guard Gloves - Protective Equipment

Demon United Flexmeter Wrist Guard Gloves



Scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of the Flexmeter protective snowboard glove in reducing the risk of injuries. Wrist fractures have diminished by 67% in a group of athletes wearing the Flexmeter snowboard wrist guards, compared to a group wearing no protection. Waterproof: Insert: Thin Hydrotex membrane,light and resistant guaranteeing sweat elimination and total impermeability. Build: Insulation : 100% Fiber fill, 70% Polyurethane, 30% Polyethylene, synthetic reinforcement, Air Flow System for ventilation to eliminate dampness. Splints: Dorsal and palm thermoplastic splint in a special blended polymer. Perfect stability whatever temperatures (-40??C to +40??C) with Progressive Flexmeter hinge.


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