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Biden He Jinli pincers Trump and denounces the inability to protect the people

Before U.S. President Trump delivered an important speech at the Republican National Party Congress, the Democratic presidential candidate Biden and his campaign partner He Jinli flanked and fired at him, accusing Trump of being accused of abusing force in the police. Public protests against racial injustice and other issues have fueled the flames, creating more chaos, and they are unable to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic and cannot protect the American people.

The incident in which a police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot and killed a black man Blake once again triggered a new wave of anti-police and anti-racist protests, which attracted national attention and became one of the key issues of the election. Biden issued a statement on Thursday, criticizing Trump for “refusing to recognize that there is a problem of racial justice in the United States.”

Pence, who was running for re-election as vice president, warned the people at the Republican National Party Congress one day earlier that if Biden was elected to the White House, the United States would not be safe. Biden fought back, claiming that during his tenure as vice president, no such fatal violence had occurred, and he would not allow such incidents to happen when he becomes president in the future. He said: “The violence we are witnessing now occurred when Trump was president, not me.”

So far, Trump has not publicly responded to the shooting of Black. Biden criticized him for turning a blind eye to the crisis facing the country. Biden said: “He (Trump) not only did not calm the sea, but fueled the fire. In his eyes, violence is not a problem, but a political strategy. The more violence, the better for him.”

In addition, Biden said that despite the new crown pneumonia The epidemic is still severe, but he still travels to some key states such as Wisconsin and Minnesota to meet with voters in person. Regarding House Speaker Pelosi’s point that he should not have a debate with Trump, Biden has ruled out this possibility, indicating that the three live televised debates will be held as scheduled, and that he will use these opportunities to tell the truth.

He Jinli spoke to reporters on an occasion in Washington on Thursday, and also fired at Trump. She said: “As Vice President Biden said, the several shots fired at Black shot through the soul of our country. It was disgusting to see, too similar, we must stop.” He Jinli said that she has always defended peaceful demonstrations. People, but don’t confuse peaceful demonstrations with looting and violence. She once again criticized Trump and his administration’s performance in fighting the new crown pneumonia epidemic, saying that Trump made mistakes at the beginning and then made mistakes again and again, bringing catastrophic consequences. He Jinli said: “Trump failed to do his most basic and important duties as President of the United States. He failed to protect the American people.”

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