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EU Trade Commissioner Hogan announced his resignation for alleged violation of epidemic prevention regulations

EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan announced his resignation on the evening of the 26th. Previously, his behavior in attending a gathering in Ireland was suspected of violating local epidemic prevention regulations, and his personal integrity was questioned by the public. Hogan was alleged to have attended an event organized by the Irish Parliamentary Golf Association in […]

Biden He Jinli pincers Trump and denounces the inability to protect the people

Before U.S. President Trump delivered an important speech at the Republican National Party Congress, the Democratic presidential candidate Biden and his campaign partner He Jinli flanked and fired at him, accusing Trump of being accused of abusing force in the police. Public protests against racial injustice and other issues have fueled the flames, creating more […]

German scientists hold indoor concert to measure the risk of spreading the virus

In order to understand the risks of holding large-scale indoor events during the new crown pneumonia epidemic, researchers at Halle University Hospital in Germany held three popular concerts in one day last Saturday, hoping to determine the resumption of large-scale events through large-scale experiments involving 1,500 people Is it safe? The well-known German singer Tim […]

A farewell to arts? Teachers fear coronavirus budget cuts may target art, music classes

If Becca Graves could press through the less pleasant parts of her junior year schedule at her small-town Massachusetts high school – the peers whose personalities perturbed her, the classes she didn’t care for – she could make it to Ms. E’s art class.  There she could relax, be herself, express her emotions without fear […]

Global cumulative diagnosis of more than 7.35 million U.S. confirmed cases more than 2 million cases

Continued protests and demonstrations across the United States have intensified the spread of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. AP map There are more than 7.35 million people diagnosed with new coronavirus infections worldwide, and more than 416,000 deaths. The global epidemic continues to spread. Latin America has become a global new coronavirus epidemic center. Brazil has […]

Harvard scholars advocate wearing masks to prevent epidemics during sexual intercourse to avoid sleeveless or anal sex

Harvard scholars suggest that couples try to wear masks when they have sex. AP/schematicNew Coronary Pneumonia changes human living habits. Experts have successively formulated relevant guidelines for epidemic prevention life to protect health. Researchers at Harvard University suggested in the Annals of Internal Medicine early last month that couples should try to wear masks when […]

WHO experts: There is no evidence to prove that the new coronary pneumonia virus has weakened

Coronavirus disease. AP profile picture The famous Italian doctor Alberto Zangrillo said earlier that the new coronary pneumonia virus that caused the global epidemic is weakening. However, experts from the World Health Organization and other scientists rebutted on Monday, disagreeing with this statement, emphasizing that there is currently no real evidence that the power of the virus […]

More than 4.7 million cases worldwide were diagnosed with 315,000 deaths

Russia has the second highest number of diagnoses in the world. AP More than 4.7 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia, and more than 315,000 people have died. The cumulative number of diagnoses in the United States is the highest in the world, with more than 1.48 million people and 89,000 deaths. Followed […]

U.S. New Crown press conference Trump targets Chinese journalists

There were a total of 4.19 million cases of new coronary pneumonia in the world yesterday, and 286,000 deaths. In the United States, where the epidemic was most severe, President Trump was dissatisfied with a Chinese female reporter ’s question at the epidemic press conference, and opposed her, and then directly terminated the meeting. Subsequently, Trump rejected […]