EU Trade Commissioner Hogan announced his resignation for alleged violation of epidemic prevention regulations - Protective Equipment

EU Trade Commissioner Hogan announced his resignation for alleged violation of epidemic prevention regulations

EU Trade Commissioner Phil Hogan announced his resignation on the evening of the 26th. Previously, his behavior in attending a gathering in Ireland was suspected of violating local epidemic prevention regulations, and his personal integrity was questioned by the public.

Hogan was alleged to have attended an event organized by the Irish Parliamentary Golf Association in Ireland on the 19th of this month and attended an indoor banquet. It is said that about 80 people attended the gathering, including many current and former senior officials. According to the latest anti-epidemic regulations announced by Ireland earlier, the maximum number of indoor gatherings is 6 people.

After the incident was exposed, the Irish Minister of Agriculture, Food and Oceans Kaliri, who attended the banquet, took the blame and resigned on the 21st of this month, but Hogan insisted that his behavior complies with the relevant epidemic prevention regulations. Later, there were reports that Hogan did not comply with the 14-day quarantine requirement after arriving in Ireland. Hogan responded that he tested negative for the virus after entering the country, and there are reasons to shorten the quarantine period.

Hogan issued a statement on Wednesday night (26th) announcing his resignation, referring to his recent controversy in Ireland, which has affected the work of the European Commission and is detrimental to the next key tasks. In his statement, he expressed deep regret for the worries, anxiety and frustration caused by his trip to Ireland. In the statement, he still defended himself, emphasizing that he had been trying to abide by the Irish epidemic prevention regulations. After the test result was negative, he thought that he was in compliance with all the regulations, but he still apologized for the mistakes made during his stay, and pointed out that he had spent most of his political career as an Irish official. Civil servants are proud.

European Commission President Von der Lein said that evening that he respected Hogan’s choice. The European Commission has not yet announced a replacement for Hogan.

Hogan served as the Minister of the Environment of Ireland, served as the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development from 2014 to 2019, and became the European Commissioner for Trade in December 2019.

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